Always Summer in the Philippines Tour

It has always been Mango Tours’ duty to promote the Philippines as a destination. Many of us here at Mango Tours frequently visit the Philippines however each visit feels like the first time with the new sites we see, fresh faces we meet, and new adventures we experience. We have come to learn what an amazing, welcoming and downright badass (for lack of better words) place the Philippine islands are.

We cordially invite you to follow us on our social channels as we island hop to the most popular beach and city life destinations this country has to offer, and as reviewed by top travel sites. We have curated a custom itinerary that lets you experience top rated white sand beaches, picturesque World Heritage Unesco Sites and of course; local nightlife and foodie experiences. There is no better way to immerse oneself into a new culture than through a local’s point-of-view, so we will have homegrown guides showing us most of the way.

The Philippines consists of 7,641 individual islands, everyone speaks English and you may realize they party harder than they do here in the USA. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Mango Tours, in partnership with Philippine Airlines, bring you a summer experience in the Philippines like no other! We’re not only taking you to some of the country’s most sought-after destinations but we’re also bringing with us a few friends from the social media world! It’s gonna be a summer like no other with Mango Tours.

Destination Highlights

In our efforts to show the beauty of the Philippines, we’re not only taking you to some of the country’s most sought-after destinations but we’re also bringing with us a few friends from the other side of the world! It’s gonna be a summer like no other with Mango Tours as a unique group of artists, models, vloggers and bloggers, travel photographers, travel writers and foodie experts join us to experience the best of the Philippine islands.

Check out the amazing travel squad joining us on this big and exciting Philippine island adventure:

Aspyn Ovard

Utah, USA

Lifestyle Vlogger and Blogger, Fashion and Beauty Guru

8+ million online followers

“I believe being consistent is one of the most important things”

Liane Valenzuela

Los Angeles, USA

Singer, Actress, Model, Dancer and Fitness Guru

8+ million online followers

“People can change if they want to. Key word being “if they want to.” You can’t force anyone to grow. A person has to decide for themselves”

Don Benjamin

Los Angeles, USA

Recording Artist, Print Model and Actor

7+ million online followers

“It’s about learning and growing from situations”

Parker Ferris

Utah, USA

Youtube Vlogger and Social Media Influencer

600+ thousand online followers

“Success is my idol and being broke is my rival”

Tiffany Nguyen

Los Angeles, USA

Photographer, Dentist, Traveler and Adventurer

600+ thousand online followers

She believes in the use of small subjects in order to better demonstrate the immense scale of the natural wonders she visits

Gwen Lane

Los Angeles, USA

Lifestyle Blogger and Social Media Influencer

500+ thousand online followers

“If it’s both terrifying and amazing then you should definitely pursue it”

Corey Marshall

Los Angeles, USA

Content Creator, Social Media Manager, and Food Blogger

90+ thousand online followers

"Free Yourself Friday tip: take mini-vacations to refocus"

Ashley Colburn

San Diego, USA

Award-winning producer, host, and travel expert

8+ million online followers

"Travel light. Live light. Spread the light. Be the light."

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