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Beijing as “Best City for Expats", Tips for Single-ventures, and more!


Beijing Labeled as “Best City for Expats”

With its leap in technological advancements, Beijing has become one of the most modern and inviting of countries in recent times, especially for tourists and expats. Due to its more modern vibe mixed in with the exotic and abundant history, the city has become a hotspot for travelers and expats to gather in. Even with its shiny and metallic look, major influences and historic accents still exist in many of its corners. It’s definitely a diverse type of place that’s interesting enough for people to want to stay in for long periods of time.

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US to be replaced as Second Most Popular Tourist Country

Second only to the sought-after vacation destination of France, the U.S. wore the crown of 2nd most popular country for tourists to visit… until now. With analysis from the United Nations’ World Tourism Organization, both France and Spain have risen up to the ranks in recent years when it comes to tourist numbers. Will Spain’s stats continue to rise throughout the year or will another country make a surprise breakout thought the months to come?

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Photography Lessons from Traveling

Pete Souza shares his travel experiences during his eight years of professional service as the chief official White House photographer. Being able to travel across all 50 states, 60 countries, with almost 1.5 million miles altogether with former President Barrack Obama, he proudly talks about his new book, which features 315 memorable moments of the former President, and provides <a href=”” target=”_blank”>photo enthusiasts tips on how to capture the best moments of their trips - from the ideal camera to the perfect lighting, and more!

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Tips for Single-ventures

“I’m traveling solo,” a 25-year old female says when asked who else she’s traveling with. <a href=”” target=”_blank”>Solo female traveler - this used to be a big deal, a stigma that it is not safe for women to travel without companion. Worse, it is looked down upon or considered sad. Times have changed as females in this time and age are empowered to go far and beyond, alone, moving past the double standards. Who cares if it sounds like a nightmare to some, being able to actually challenge yourself and discover new things on your own is a liberating feeling (and therapeutic!). A smart and independent woman can handle herself, so this year, head on over to a place and let the stars not only lead the way to your happiness and success but also where you’re supposed to be!

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