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Oscar-nominated Film Locations to Visit, Cruise Requirements, and more!


Oscar-nominated Film Locations to Visit

Have you ever watched a live action movie and thought about how beautiful the setting of the film was? Did you ever think of visiting it in person if you could, whether it’s because you’re a fan of the film(s) or not? Well, some of the venues from the recent Oscar nominees have been identified and are definitely ready for visitors to come and explore. From the beaches of France in Dunkirk to the Churchill War Rooms Museum in London, you’re sure to be delighted by the jump from big screen to real life.

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Must-see Spring Events in 2018

Springtime signifies the return of vibrant plant and animal life after the cold winter season, a perfect time to celebrate! But what kind of events and activities are available during the season? With art festivals like Sydney’s Biennale, France’s International Kite Festival, and Japan’s Hot Spring Festival, there are a variety of occasions for you to check out, observe, and enjoy!

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health benefits of travel

Health Benefits of Travel

To travel is like hitting two birds with one stone. While setting foot in a new place makes you rich in culture, knowledge, and experience, traveling is also good for your health. Going to new places enhances one’s creativity, keeps you moving, relieves one from the daily stress, and challenges and improves mental health. Awesome, right?

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Cruise 101: Requirements

Booking a cruise is just like booking a flight - one is required to secure a visa. Which visa you will need depends on your cruise destination and itinerary. Policy varies from one port to another, thus it is important to do research or ask a travel agent or a tours specialist on all the requirements you need prior embarkation.

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Mistakes Made During International Travel Whether you’re booking accommodations, tours, and flights or working out your DIY tours, planning your travels requires you a lot of energy and time (in some cases, money). It is important to keep in mind that most vacations are only a few days of fun and relaxation so try to avoid some things that can spoil your holiday. To travel still means to expect the unexpected, however, it’s always best to be prepared and not “over prepare’.

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