Journey Across Ilocos (Part 1)

Start off the new year with a northern Philippines trip! Whether it's hitting the road or a quick plane ride, the Ilocandia Tour makes for a perfect getaway to kickstart your 2018 travel bucket list on the Philippines.

paoay sand dunes

Head straight to Laoag City, in Ilocos Norte. Start your adventure with an exciting escape to the Paoay Sand Dunes. Traverse the vast dunes on a fun ride and conquer the pretty grain-covered hills on a sand board! Hop on and glide down! Keeping your balance can be quite the challenge but can also be a rewarding feeling. Climbing back to the top is a great way to work out too.


sandboarding sandboarding

After an adrenaline-pumping start, take a breather and embrace the beauty, history, and solemnity on a visit to the Paoay Church, one of the country's oldest and most beautiful churches in the Philippines and also a renowned UNESCO World Heritage Site.

paoay church

And because the Philippines is filled with geographical wonders,  Ilocos can also boast of picturesque land masses. One of these is located along the rocky coast of Burgos and is a major draw among tourists - the creamy white Kapurpurawan Rock Formation, a result of various natural weather forces.

img src="/Cloud/Image/content/blog-post/journey-across-ilocos-part-1/22.jpg" alt="kapurpurawan rock formation">

Talking about awe-inspiring sights, the beautiful Bangui Windmill Farm is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Ilocos Norte. The towering wind turbines, which dot along the 9-km shoreline facing the West Philippine Sea, is a popular representation of the Ilocos region.

bangui windmill farm

bangui windmill farm

The most photographed destination in Ilocos Norte is the Patapat Viaduct, a coastal bridge that takes one on a scenic drive while traversing the region. With an elevation of over 30-m above sea level and the sight of winding mountainside and the Paselang Bay, the bridge is worth a stop.

patapat viaduct

These and more await you in Ilocos! Catch next week's continuation of this exciting journey and discover what this country's northern region has in store for you.

vigan empanada

Until next time, enjoy your travels.

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