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Asian Getaways with PAL Business Class Promo

Philippine Airlines' Business Class Flight (Travel Dates: August 1 to December 10, 2018)
Maximize your Asian trip when you book a business class flight to Manila with a stop, and tour to any of the select Asian destinations with Philippine Airlines. This is your chance to have an encounter with locals, taste the exotic cuisine, and snap amazing photographs of famous tourist spots. There's more in store for one amazing fare and no room for second thoughts! Go ahead and book the cheapest fare you can get!
Enjoy the perks of flying on business class with Philippine Airlines plus a treat to an Asian city for a wonderful exploration and immersion to the culture just before heading to Manila, your final destination. With over six destinations to choose from, you are sure to experience your dream adventure and have the best experience of travel with your friends and family.

Location: Manila, Philippines

Travel: August 1 to December 10, 2018


DAY 1 Arrive at the Ngurah Rai Airport where you’ll meet your driver and get transferred to the hotel for your standard 2pm check-in time. You can then enjoy some rest and relaxation with an overnight stay at the hotel.

Day 2 Have a hotel breakfast and then proceed to your Half-day City Tour around Bali. Begin the adventure by passing through the BATUBULAN VILLAGE, an art village in the countryside. After that, check out the CELUK , a village which is a major centre for gold and silversmiths, and the MAS, another village which specializes in wood carving practices. Before taking your lunch, sightsee the GOA GAJAH elephant cave, which doesn't really have to do with elephants but rather is a archeological sight of meditation. After your meal, zip your bags and continue the tour to the MONKEY FOREST IN UBUD, which is basically a sanctuary for the primates within the area. Moving on, arrive at the UBUD PALACE, the official residence of the royal family, and then look for some local wares and souvenirs at the UBUD MARKET. Return to the hotel and rest for the night.

DAY 3 Enjoy your hotel breakfast and then some free roaming time around Bali. When you’ve had enough exploration, return to the hotel and get some rest for the next day.

DAY 4 Enjoy the final day with some breakfast at the Hotel then having some free time for some last minute exploring. At 12 noon, begin the check-out process and then depart to the airport for your flight back home.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Historical tour to Gao Gajah (Elephant Cave)

• Sightseeing at monkey forest in Ubud

• Cultural heritage tour to Ubud Palace

• Shopping at Ubud market

• Visit Celuk, Mas, and Batubulan Villages

Must See

Elephant Cave - Known locally as Goa Gajah, this 11th century cave is considered to be one of Bali’s most historically significant sites. The primary figure at the façade of the cave was thought to be an elephant, hence the name. Inside this classical Hindu-Buddhist styled temple are two traditional bathing pools decorated with life-size stone carved maidens bearing jugs of sprouting water.

Ubud - If you want to know more of Bali’s uniqueness when it comes to art, music, architecture, environment and more, Ubud is the perfect destination to visit. Amidst its rambling mansions and luxurious 5-star hotels is a place where Bali’s art masterpieces come alive. The Ubud Palace is also known as Puri Saren, a kingdom palace of the Ubud dynasty.

Batubulan Village - A village where literature, sculptures and traditional performances such as cultural dance are showcased.

Celuk - Known as the gold and silver handicraft community.

Mas - A traditional Balinese village famous for its wood carving products.

Ubud Monkey Forest - a nature reserve and Hindu temple in one. The surrounding forest is full of the primates that gives it its namesake.

Local Eats

Nasi Goren - Indonesian for fried rice

Mie Goren - Same principle as the Nasi Gorin but with noodles instead of rice

Gado Gado - Dip salad served with shrimp chips

Soto Ayam - A chicken soup with turmeric, soy and noodles


Day 1 Arrive at the Bangkok airport and meet your transport who will transfer you to the hotel for your standard 2pm checking time. Relax and stay overnight.

DAY 2 Have yourself some hotel breakfast to ensure you stay energized for the Half-day City tour of the day. Visit the RECLINING BUDDHA, a giant, gilded Buddha statue laying down, at the Wat Pho then head over to the MARBLE TEMPLE, one of Bangkok’s most beautiful temples. The TEMPLE OF THE GOLDEN BUDDHA comes next, the temple holding the world’s largest gold-seated Buddha. Enjoy an overnight rest at the hotel.

Day 3 Partake of your breakfast at the hotel and then proceed to your free-reign exploration in Bangkok. After that, return to your hotel and get a good night's rest.

Day 4 Eat breakfast at the hotel to start your day and enjoy free time on your last day in the tour. Check-out the hotel at the standard time of 12 noon and ride back to the airport for your departure flight.

-End of Tour -

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Cultural tour to Temple of Reclining Buddha, Marble Temple, and Temple of Golden Buddha

Must See

Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Wat Pho) - The largest temple in Bangkok and famed for its huge and majestic reclining Buddha measured 46 meters long and covered in gold leaf.

Marble Temple or Wat Benchamabophit - A Buddhist temple considered to be one of Bangkok’s most beautiful temples and major attractions. The construction of this European neo-classical inspired temple commenced in 1899 at the request of King Chulalongkorn.

Temple of Golden Buddha - Houses the world’s greatest golden seated Buddha; measuring 3.98 meters in height and 3.13 meters in width. Thousands of tourist and town locals flock to this temple everyday to pray and pay homage.

Local Eats

Tom Yam Goong - one of Thailand's signature dishes - A soup that offers almost all flavors (salty, spicy, sweet and sour) which is composed mainly of shrimp, mushrooms, lemon grass and lime leaves.

Kuay Tiew Nam - A Thai noodle soup composed of meat (beef, chicken, meat balls and fish) and vegetables. Pad Thai - Made up of stir fried rice noodles deliciously cooked with bean sprouts, green onions, peanuts, tofu, shrimp, green onions, fish sauce and lime juice; then finally mixed with scrambled egg.

Som Tam - A spicy papaya salad

Gai Med Ma Moung - Also called Chicken Cashew Nuts. This is a chicken dish cooked with roasted cashew nuts, soy sauce, honey, garlic and chili.

Tom Kha Gai - Also known as boiled galangal chicken. Tom Kha Gai is made of combined coconut milk, lemongrass, galangal (a relative of ginger also known as blue ginger) and chicken.

Kao Phad - Fried rice is a mix of assorted ingredients like shrimp or chicken, tomatoes, cilantro leaves, egg, onion, garlic, and secret spices for a twist.


Day 1 Arrive at the Kuala Lumpur airport where you’ll meet your transport who will transfer you over to your hotel. Standard hotel check-in time is at 2pm and then you're free to explore and relax.

DAY 2 Start with breakfast at the hotel and then proceed with the half-day Kuala Lumpur City Tour: from the ROYAL KING PALACE, Istana Negara, to the INDEPENDENCE SQUARE, a square found in the center of the city. Next up is the NATIONAL MONUMENT, a statue built and dedicated to those who died trying to free Malaysia, and then a photo opportunity at the PETRONAS TWIN TOWERS. After the day is done, return to the hotel for an overnight rest.

DAY 3 Have your breakfast at the hotel first thing in the morning before enjoying some free time to yourself to explore Kuala Lumpur as you please. Return to the Hotel for some rest before your travels the next day.

DAY 4 Have your breakfast at the hotel for the final day of your travel before enjoying some free time to explore the sights one last time. At 12 noon, the standard time, check out of the hotel. Ride to the airport and catch your departure flight.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Historical tour to King's Palace, Independence Square and National Monument

• Visit the Cocoa House

• Photo op by the Petronas Twin Towers

Must See

King's Palace is the former official residence of the King of Malaysia. It is situated in a 13 acre land, overlooking the Klang River.

Merdeka Square - also known as Independence Square, is Kuala Lumpur's central attraction. It is home to significant landmarks that contribute to Kuala Lumpur's historical beginnings.

National Monument - a statue created in honor of the fallen soldiers who bravely fought for the country's freedom from the Japanese forces during the World War 2.

Petronas Twin Towers - the most popular landmark of Malaysia, Petronas Twin Towers were considered as the tallest building in the world for six year and currently among the promising buildings ever built in the world.

Cocoa House - the largest chocolate paradise in Malaysia. Cocoa Boutique and Chocolate Gallery offers various local and international chocolate products and gifts.

National Mosque - a large building that has a capacity of 15,000 people. It was built over the site of an old church, the Venning Road Brethren Gospel Hall.

Local Eats

Char Kuey Teow - Fried flat rice noodles with pork lard, soy sauce, chili, cockles, bean sprouts, Chinese chives and sometimes prawn and egg.

Malaysian Laksa - Spicy laksa noodle soup mixed with coconut milk, prawn/shrimp, chicken and topped with bean sprouts, chili, coriander, spring onions, fried shallots.

Rojak - Fried dough fritter composed of fruits and vegetables with a mixture of Malaysia's popular shrimp paste.

Rendang - Chicken or beef mixed with coconut milk, lemongrass, kafir lime leaves, tamarind is braised, boiled then fried.


Day 1 Upon arrival at the Saigon International Airport, go and meet up with your transportation who will drive you to your hotel for your check-in, 2 pm standard time. Rest and relax afterwards after you’ve settled in.

DAY 2 Enjoy a hearty hotel breakfast and then proceed to your Full Day Tour around the sights. Begin at the CENTRAL POST OFFICE, a large building with gothic, renaissance and french influences. From there, travel over to the SAIGON CATHEDRAL OF NOTRE DAME, officially called the Basilica of Our Lady of The Immaculate Conception. Following that destination, the REUNIFICATION PALACE comes next, featuring kitschy 1960’s furniture and surrounded by royal palm trees. Up next, the WAR REMNANT MUSEUM which contains many artifacts and relics from a war for freedom against invading countries. Finally, the highlight of the journey, step on over to the BEN THANH MARKET which has all kinds of amazing Vietnamese items for sale. Once the tour is through, return to the hotel and get some rest.

DAY 3 Have your breakfast at the hotel to start off your day right. Proceed to enjoy your free time exploring and visiting places of your choice. After you’re satisfied, enjoy an overnight stay at the hotel again.

DAY 4 During your breakfast at the hotel, plan out how you’ll spend your free time until 12 noon, which is the standard checkout time. After that, you’ll be transported back to the airport for your departure flight back home.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Historical tour to Reunification Palace, The Central Post Office, War Remnant Museum

• Visit to the Notre Dame Cathedral

• Shopping at the Ben Thanh Market

Must See

Reunification Palace - This structure features 1960s architectural design. Also known as Independence Palace, this served as the residence and work place of the former President of South Vietnam. When the tank of North Vietnam crashed through the gates, it marked the end of the war.

War Remnant Museum - The War Remnants Museum is one of the most popular destinations in the city. This museum houses the story behind the historic Vietnam War.

The Notre Dame Cathedral - major tourist landmark in Saigon established by the French colonists. The cathedral that depicts neo-Romanesque architectural design was built during the late 18th century where most of its parts (bricks, glass, and tiles) where supplied from France.

The Central Post Office - situated in the heart of Saigon is one of the city's the oldest buildings constructed in the late 18th century. The Central Post Office together with the Notre Dame Cathedral is among the structures that depict a blend of Gothic and Renaissance architectural style and a touch of traditional French features.

Ben Thanh Market - Vietnam's largest market that offers mostly everything that's Vietnamese. Regarded as a tourist center, the market is the ideal place to shop especially for those you enjoy bargain goods.

Local Eats

Bun cha - sizzling grilled pork with sweet and salty broth, rice noodles, slices of green papaya, sprinkled with fresh herbs

Bun rieu - noodle soup in tomato-based broth with crab

Cha ca- pan-fried fish with turmeric and dill

Mi Vit Tiem - yellow noodle soup with roasted duck and Chinese broccoli.

Pho - a popular staple which consists of rice noodles, herbs and spices, meat like chicken or beef in salty broth.


DAY 1 Upon your arrival at Incheon International Airport, you will meet our representative with name board at the airport exit after customs clearance. We will assist you to exchange and board the airport limousine bus. And then you will be transferred to Seoul. After hotel check-in, spend the remaining of the day at leisure on your own.

DAY 2 Full-Day Seoul Highlights Tour with Lunch

After breakfast, meet up with tour guide at the hotel lobby. Visit Gwanghwamun Gate, the main gate founded by the first king of the Joseon Dynasty and enjoy The Royal Guard Changing Ceremony. Next, explore Gyeongbokgung Palace (Changdeokgung Palace on Tuesday), arguably the most beautiful and the grandest of all five palaces and also visit National Folk Museum of Korea. Then pass by Blue house, also called Cheong Wa Dae, the presidential residence. Then you will explore Insadong-gil Street, which is connected to a multitude of alleys that lead deeper into the district, with modern galleries and tea shops and also visit Jogyesa Temple, the chief temple of the Jogye Order of Korean Buddhism, becoming so in 1936. Afterward, head to Myeongdong district, one of the busiest places in Seoul and among Korea"s premier shopping destinations and have a lunch at a local restaurant. Then explore Namsangol Hanok Village (Bukchon Hanok Village on Monday) where there are five restored traditional Korean houses and a pavilion, a pond and a time capsule. Next, visit N Seoul Tower, offering panoramic views of Seoul and the surrounding areas. After the tour, transfer to hotel.

DAY 3 Full-Day DMZ and 3rd Infiltration Tunnel Tour with lunch

After breakfast, meet up with tour guide at hotel lobby between 7:30am-8:30am. The fisrst stop will be Imjingak Peace Park, which established in 1972 for remind the Korean War and wish for peace in entire Korea. Next, visit The 3rd Infiltration Tunnel, discovered on Oct. 17, 1978 and located 52km from Seoul. Then, Dorasan Observatory where North Korean military personnel are visible and so are the hilights of Gaeseong and the Geumgangsan Diamond Mountains. Then stop by Dorasan Station, a railway station on the Gyeongui Line, the northernmost stop on South Korea"s railway line and Unification Village. After the tour, enjoy the Lunch at local restaurant and transfer to hotel around 03:00pm-03:30pm.

DAY 4 After breakfast, spend your free time at leisure till transferred to Incheon International Airport by the airport limousine bus on your own. After passport control and then arrive in duty free area, enjoy Matina lounge for relax, free food, and beverage.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Heritage tour to Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House), National Folk Museum, Deoksugung Palace, Gyeongbok Palace

• Shopping at the Korean Ginseng Center

Must See

Gyeongbok Palace - the royal palace of the Joseon dynasty set in the heart of Seoul.

Deoksugung Palace - one of the palaces of Joseon dynastay which features a mix of medieval and modern style architecture

National Folk Museum - a national museum of South Korea set within the grounds of Gyeongbok Palace. It houses over 4,000 artifacts where visitors can learn all about Korea's culture.

Cheong Wa Dae (Blue House) - featuring traditional Korean architecture with over 150,000 blue tiles, the Blue House serves as a presidential home.

Korean Ginseng Center - Korea's largest Ginseng shopping center

Local Eats

Som Tam - originally from northern Thailand, this dish is also known as spicy papaya salad. The salad is made of crabs, prawns shredded papaya added with chili peppers.


Day 1 Arrive at the Singapore airport and meet with your transport. Get transported to the hotel and check-in at the standard 2 pm time. Once check-in is done, stay overnight at the hotel and relax.

DAY 2 Eat up your breakfast at the hotel before proceed to your half-day Singapore City Tour. Visit THE MERLION first, a statue that has a lion’s head with a fish-like tail. Next is LITTLE INDIA, east to the singapore river across from SINGAPORE’S CHINATOWN in the west. It is like a little community bathed in the hindi culture and style. Lastly, visit the PADANG, a large, open field that makes up the the downtown core of the central part of Singapore. When everything is over, stay overnight at the hotel.

DAY 3 Eat up your hotel breakfast before embarking on your free exploration time. Travel and visit anywhere you please, but be sure you find a proper guide or research the area to avoid getting lost. Return to the hotel and rest after a long day.

DAY 4 Today is the last day of the tour. Take your breakfast at the hotel and enjoy some free time exploring before 12 noon, the standard hotel check-out time. After checking out, catch your ride towards the airport for the flight back home.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Must Try

• Food trip and shopping at Chinatown and Little India • Sightseeing tours to Merlion Park • Visit the Padang

Must See

Merlion - one of most popular tourist attractions in Singapore. This 2,500-square meter park features the merlion, a mythical creature with the head of a lion and the body of a fish.

Little India is among the busiest neighborhood in Singapore where travelers can enjoy the Hindu culture, find sari shops and indulge in authentic spicy foods.

China Town - Singapore's Chinatown houses grand temples, old mosques, homegrown brands, assorted trades, quirky shops and various Chinese gourmet.

Padang- a long stretch of open field located near the bank of the Singapore River in the central region.

Esplanade - A waterfront theatre which houses many concerts, theater performances and productions as well.

Local Eats

Fish Head Curry - A dish where the head of a snapper fish is stewed with vegetables and served with rice.

Dumpling Noodles - One of the signature dishes in Singapore. Noodles are blanched then served with dumplings (filled with pork or fish), slices of barbecued pork, leafy vegetables then mixed with tomato sauce, chili sauce and sesame oil.

Char Kway Teow - Easily available in several food stores and has become a favorite of both locals and tourists. Flat rice noodles are stir-fried with light and dark soy sauce, and then mixed with Chinese chives, Chinese sausages, cockles, shrimp paste, tamarind juice and bean sprouts.

Cendol - A traditional Singaporean dessert where coconut milk, green starched noodles with artificial pandan flavoring and palm sugar are topped with sticky rice, grated ice, red beans and grass jelly.

  • Promo is valid until July 8, 2018 only.
  • Travel must be between August 1 to December 10, 2018
  • Rates are subject to change and availability without prior notice.
  • Promo fares may or may not be available due to high demand.
  • Weekend surcharge of USD 100 per way applies.
  • Other terms and conditions apply.
Bali and Manila
Duration: 4 Days /3 Nights Package Inclusions:

• Roundtrip business class ticket via Philippine Airlines (SFO/LAX to Bali to Manila) • Three (3) nights accommodation in Bali • Daily breakfast • Roundtrip airport transfers (SIC) • Half-day Ubod City Tour (SIC): Tohpati Village, Celuk (gold and silversmith), Balinese Traditional House, Ubud Market, Ubud Palace *SIC - Seat-in-Coach

per person
Bangkok and Manila
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• Roundtrip business class ticket via Philippine Airlines (SFO/LAX to Bangkok to Manila) • Three (3) nights accommodation in Bangkok • Daily breakfast • Roundtrip airport transfers (SIC) • Half-day city tour (SIC): Wat Traimit (Temple of the Golden Buddha), Wat Pho (Reclining Buddha) *SIC - Seat-in-Coach

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Saigon and Manila
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Seoul and Manila
Duration: 4 Days /3 Nights Package Inclusions:

• Roundtrip business class ticket via Philippine Airlines (SFO/LAX to Seoul to Manila) • Three (3) nights accommodation in Seoul • Daily breakfast • Roundtrip airport transfers (SIC) • Full day Seoul Tour with lunch • Full day DMZ Tour with lunch *SIC - Seat-in-Coach

per person
Singapore and Manila
Duration: 4 Days /3 Nights Package Inclusions:

• Roundtrip business class ticket via Philippine Airlines (SFO/LAX to Singapore to Manila) • Three (3) nights accommodation in Singapore • Daily breakfast • Roundtrip airport transfers (SIC) • Half-day city tours (SIC): Merlion Park, Diamond Industry and Harbour Mart, China Town, photo stop at the Gardens by the Bay, Esplanade, Little India *SIC - Seat-in-Coach

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