Holiday Inn Express Shanghai
Holiday Inn Express Shanghai
People's Park
People's Park
Xin Tian Di
Xin Tian Di
Yu Garden
Yu Garden
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Underground Railway Pudong
Underground Railway Pudong
Shanghai Cityscape
Shanghai Cityscape
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
Tian Zi Fang
Tian Zi Fang
4 Days / 3 Nights Shanghai Package
The city of Shanghai is a fusion of urban charm and cultural heritage. This commercial and financial center of mainland China hosts numerous business, leisure and shopping opportunities. With the country's colorful colonial background and Shanghai was the first Chinese coastal port to be opened to Western trade, resulting in an influx of British, French and American business interests. Shanghai is rich blend of religions. Find great bargains in various shops along, discover culture with its several heritage attractions. Feast your eyes on the bright lights and towering buildings of Shanghai's futuristic district and enjoy a stroll along its entertainment complexes.
Your trip to Shanghai is inclusive of accommodation, daily breakfast, roundtrip airport transfers, and guided city tours. Take in the classic combination of nature and heritage as you visit the Yu Garden. Stroll along People's Square, a former race track transformed to a public park where you can find prominent establishments in Shanghai. Head to Tian Zi Fang, Huai Hai Road and Xin Tian Di Entertainment Complex for an amazing lifestyle experience; and shop at at Nanjing Road, a must-visit shopping destination in the city. See Shanghai's pride -- The Bund, and be captivated by its rich architectural design. Visit the Tianmai Jade and Silk Museum. Drop by and learn all about the largest producer of Chinese traditional medicine at Tong Ren Tang.

Location: Manila to Shanghai, China

Travel: (Manila to Shanghai) Three (3) hours and thirty (30) minutes via air travel

Must Try

  • Scenic tours at Yu Garden
  • Shop and stroll at the People's Sqaure, Xin Tian Di Entertainment Complex, Nanjing Road, The Bund, Tian Zi Fang, and Huai Hai Road
  • Sightseeing at the Pudong Sightseeing Tunnel
  • Visit the Tong Ren Tang, Tian Mai Jade, Silk Museum, and Muslim Mosque
  • Photo op outside the Pearl of the Oriental Tower TV

Must See

  • Yu Garden - China's famous ancient garden that exemplifies Qing architectural designs where tourists can enjoy a cultural heritage tour. Streets nearby are lined with various shops that sell local goods and souvenirs.
  • People's Sqaure - this former race track is now transformed into a lovely park that hosts several shopping establishment, famous buildings such as Municipal Government Mansion, Shanghai Museum, Shanghai Grand Theater and Urban Planning Exhibition Hall and A beautiful musical fountain is located at the central plaza.
  • Xin Tian Di Entertainment Complex - radiates the perfect blend of historical and contemporary establishments. Buildings depict Shikumen design while its interiors are of modern international concepts. Several shops, cafes, upscale boutiques and restaurants dot the popular entertainment complex.
  • The Bund - clusters of commercial houses, grand establishments and buildings that depict rich European architecture are seen along the Bund, which is situated on the east bank of the Huangpu River.
  • Nanjing Road - popularly known as the leading commercial street in China. Nanjing Road hosts a variety of shops from the the most luxurious finds to the cheapest bargains.
  • Tianmai Jade - offers tourists a chance to see the jade craftsmanship in China.
  • Silk Shop - features a wide collection of locally made fabrics with excellent silk quality. Silk is China's national treasure and among its leading products.
  • Tong Ren Tang - a Chinese pharmaceutical company and largest producer of Chinese traditional medicine
  • Pudong (Bund) Sightseeing Tunnel - a virtual underground that passes through Huangpu River connecting The Bund and Pudong District
  • Tian Zi Fang - a shopping and cafe area in Shanghai that was able to retain the organic and original feel of the Old French Quarter
  • Huai Hai Road - commercial street with French architecture that features what is trendy and fashionable in Shanghai

Local Eats

  • Shanghai style Niangao - Also known as chao nian gao where sticky rice cake is rolled into a rod, sliced and stir-fried with leeks and pork.
  • Shanghai smoked fish - Fried Shanghai liangcai (cold fish) with sweet and savory brown sauce and roasted sesame seed
  • Ci fan - Glutinous rice balls stuffed with egg, ham, sugar, few vegetables, pork floss and Chinese dough. Chinese-style fried chicken - Chicken fillet strips fried together with chopped dried chilies, garlic and ginger.
  • Pai gu nian gao - Also called pork chop with rice cakes. Deep-fried pork with sticky rice cake is bathed in gravy.

Day 1

Arrive at the Pudong Airport and meet up with your tour group. Have dinner at a local restaurant before getting transferred to the hotel you will stay in. From there, you can spend your remaining free time as you like.


Enjoy your hotel breakfast before taking a compulsory tour around the Shanghai sights. Start off at THE BUND, a waterfront area which is a famous tourist attraction, then to the PEOPLE’S SQUARE, a large public square at the center of Shanghai. After that, it’s off to the XIN TIAN DI ENTERTAINMENT COMPLEX, a modern and fashionable venue that holds the historical and cultural legacies of the city. Follow this up with a trip to the YU GARDEN, a chinese-styled garden close to the City God Temple, the SILK MUSEUM, where you can learn about the country’s most famous cloth product, and the PUDONG SIGHTSEEING TUNNEL, an underground area where you ride a semi-transparent train and enjoy a colorful projection show. After that, move on to the PEARL OF THE ORIENT TV TOWER, TIAN ZI FANG, a colorful arts street and market, HUAI HAI ROAD, a major shopping street, NANJING ROAD, a must-see metropolitan shopping street, and a MUSLIM MOSQUE. Once the tour is over, have lunch and dinner at a local Chinese restaurant.


Eat up a hearty hotel breakfast to prepare for the day. Continue your compulsiory tours with another visit to the MUSLIM MOSQUE, a SHOPPING TRIP at NANJING ROAD, TONG REN TANG, a large pharmaceutical company, another trip to TIAN ZI FANG and HUAI HAI ROAD. Lunch and dinner at a local Chinese restaurant after the tour happens.

Day 4

Enjoy a relaxing hotel breakfast and free time for your last day on the trip. Return at the assigned call time and get transferred to the airport for your return flight home.

-End of Tour-

Itinerary is subject to change without prior notice due to availability and weather conditions.

Rate is person based on double occupancy and subject to change without prior notice. Rate does not include airfares. Other terms and conditions apply.