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Taipei City Tour
Want to explore Taipei but worried about your limited vacation time? See all of the best of Taipei in a span of 3 days with this special stopover package which fits in as much sightseeing fun and exploration in these limited number of days.
Wonders of Taipei Package
Go au naturale with this exciting little trip across some of Taipei’s natural attractions, from beaches to shrines, caves, parks and much more. Enjoy seeing a less urban side of this oriental country and enjoy basking in the calm of sand. Sea, green and sky.
Enchanting Taiwan Tour
Go all-out with this 8-day Taiwan adventure that touches everything that makes the country such a great place to visit. This journey is already a complete experience wrapped in a neat little package, with hotel stays, natural attractions, shopping, travel tours, and so much more included. If you want to take a big bite out of this enchanting oriental land, then this adventure is just for you!
Seat-in-Coach (SIC) Tours
See even more of Taiwan and get your own personal tour of the other sights and attractions all over with the help of our Seat-in-Coach Tours that will drive you to the many exciting and memorable locations of your choosing.
Taipei & Manila
Looking for two amazing destinations in one handy trip? This affordable package offers a fantastic journey through Taiwan’s capital city of Taipei before flying over the friendly Philippine isles. It’s a two-for-one special that will fill your vacation time with all kinds of amazing travel moments and memories. Book today for an adventure of a lifetime!