Just a few hours of drive from the metro is one of the country's top destinations - Tagaytay. The highlands, cool climate, and delectable food make it an ideal place for a quick getaway. With the famed Taal Volcano and the views of the Taal Lake, lush gardens and parks and restaurants that dot along the roads, a drive to the nearby Tagaytay won't disappoint any traveler
3 Days 2 Nights Fridays Puerto Galera
Explore the best of Oriental Mindoro by making Fridays Puerto Galera the accommodation of your choice. Not only is it a top-class resort but also a great place to be in if you want to enjoy all the right sights and activities.
There's more to Siargao than just a global surfing destination. A rising hotspot found in the south of the Philippine archipelago that is known for its sandy beaches, clear waters, amazing islands, rock formations, coves, and the delicious local fare will surely leave you in awe. Whether you just wanna lay and get a tan or you grab a board and go with the flow of the rolling tides, you're free to enjoy yourself in this little slice of paradise. So what are you waiting for? Grab a friend and make your way to this amazing shoreside hideaway where the sun is always shining and the ocean is perfect for riding waves and swimming.
Located in the western part of the Philippine archipelago is the magnificent island of Palawan. It is formerly called Paragua (a Spanish word for umbrella) because its long strip resembles a closed umbrella. Palawan is widely known for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, one of the longest navigable rivers in the world, a distinguished UNESCO World Heritage Site and is among the New 7 Wonders of Nature. Palawan boasts rugged cliffs, crystal clear waters and long stretches of pristine white sand beaches. It is also home to more than 200 endemic species like the flying squirrel, Palawan peacock pheasant, Palawan bear cat and a lot more. Palawan’s abundant flora and fauna, and picturesque landscapes have become a world attraction. This marine and wildlife sanctuary has been named as one of National Geographic’s 20 best trips of 2011. The high biodiversity of Palawan, its devoted locals and their commitment to the environment have truly made this wonderful province the Last Ecological Frontier of the Philippines.
Batanes, a group of islands located in the northernmost tip of the Philippines, exudes a charm far from the tropical beauty of Boracay and Palawan. The islands, generally characterized by slopes, rolling hills, and beaches, are surrounded by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, West Philippine Sea, Luzon Strait and Balintang Channel. Meet the Ivatans and discover their cultures and traditions. Explore some of the ancient houses that line the streets of an abandoned village.
Bohol lies in the middle of Visayas and is recognized as the 10th largest island in the Philippines. This beautiful province has remarkable sceneries and loads of exciting activities to offer. Experience the richness of Bohol with its unique adventures as you encounter marine species like whale sharks, dolphins, multicolored fishes, and coral reefs of diverse colors and sizes. Its vast greeneries is home to the smallest primate, the Philippine tarsier. Bohol is known to have numerous virgin islands where tourists are given the chance to visit and enjoy the islands' powdery, white-sand beaches and crystal-clear waters. Aside from these tropical attractions, the province of Bohol radiates a rustic feel with its many cultural sites, ancestral homes and stone-old churches. Definitely, Bohol is the perfect countryside destination in the Visayas region.
Recognized as the Queen City of the South, Cebu is one of the flourished cities in the Philippines. Bantayan, Camotes, Mactan, Malapascua, Olango Islands are the small islands near Cebu. With only minor rainfall and typhoon activities, Cebu has become a business-friendly location and throughout the years it has developed a good fiscal management. The fair weather has greatly contributed to the city's many opportunities - trade, commerce, lifestyle, and tourism. Cebu takes pride of its people - the friendly and warm smiles of the Cebuanos will make your vacation a memorable one. Aside from its booming business districts and magnificent shores, Cebu's dynamic nightlife has been one of the well-known activities to try. The distinctive Cebuano delicacies offered in many local restaurants will surely have you coming back for more.
Facing the South China Sea, the Ilocos Region is made up of two provinces, namely Ilocos Sur and Ilocos Norte. Laoag, Vigan and Pagudpud are among the fantastic destinations to visit in this region. Laoag is the capital city and the very heart of the Ilocano culture where the rich flavors of its local authentic delicacies and dishes originated. The city of Laoag is everyone's start off point to every tour in Ilocos. Located in the west central part of Ilocos Norte is a province that highlights the life during the Spanish era. Laoag is truly a treasured place to behold. Vigan is among the world's oldest Spanish colonial towns. This capital city of Ilocos Sur is famous for its classic European architecture that perfectly blends with the Oriental designs. Pagudpud is a coastal town in Ilocos Norte that boasts amazing waters and a long stretch of white sand beach. Pagudpud is the ultimate tropical destination in Northern Luzon, along with its many nearby natural attractions like rock formations, falls and lagoons.
The famed island of Boracay is recognized as one of the Philippines' major tourist destinations and named as the world’s best travel destination by Travel+Leisure magazine in 2012. Located in the northernmost part of Panay, this world-renowned paradise boasts its long stretch of fine, white-sand beaches and warm translucent waters. Aside from its picturesque beauty, Boracay offers a wide variety of accommodations - from budget-friendly to luxury hotels and resorts, where every traveler will surely indulge in comfort and pleasure.
Located in the Southern Mindanao is the beautiful city of Davao. With Davao's vast lands conducive to propagation and cultivation, agribusiness has become its primary livelihood. Davao is has become a regional trade center for Mindanao thus offering many investment opportunities. Hills, valleys and virgin forests are home to numerous flora and fauna only found in the Philippines. Davao is one of the most visited places in the country, its captivating sceneries and abundant resources have lured tourists from all over the world. Typhoons are seldom experienced in this area. Endowed with such a fair weather, Davao is known as a favorite eco-adventure tourism destination, where mountain climbers and adventure seekers will definitely enjoy. Aside from its mountain ranges, Davao also takes pride in its breathtaking shores and majestic waters.
With its rugged mountains, volcanoes, cliffs and deep waters, Bicol has become a major backpacking destination to many travelers from all over the world. The Bicol region is composed of six provinces - Camarines Sur, Camarines Norte, Sorsogon, Albay, Masbate and Catanduanes. Aside from its natural attractions, Bicol is also known to have various century-old churches that have become a stronghold of the province's heritage.
From the booming urban to the countryside charm, definitely there's a lot to discover about Iloilo. Discover a place brimming with beauty through the spectacular coastlines and unspoiled islands. Step back in time as you visit the ancient Spanish-colonial churches and impressive cultural heritage sites. It is no secret that Ilonggos love to eat, so make sure you don't miss out trying their delectable dishes!
Puerto Galera Island
The journey to Oriental Mindoro’s developed beach destination takes one to a pleasant experience with Mother Nature - drive past along the rustic towns south of Luzon then enjoy the beauty and tranquility of the Batangas Bay on a boat ride. Puerto Galera takes pride in its verdant mountains and sloping beaches surrounded by the vast sparkling seas. The fine location and natural abundance of this coastal town make it one of the much-loved weekend getaway destination. Its vast waters are perfect for watersports activities while the lush forests are sure to give the thrill-seekers an exciting adventure with nature. More than just a beach bum's paradise, the underwater world of Puerto Galera boasts an abundance of marine biodiversity, making it one of the country's top diving destinations.
Cagayan de Oro
Cagayan de Oro is a destination filled with adventures for everyone. This place is more than just the White River Rafting Capital of the Philippines. It has few natural parks are that are perfect for adventure-seekers or for those who simply want to take in the awe-inspiring wonders of nature. It is also a place that holds great history and distinct culture. From museums to several historical landmarks and eco-tourism villages, Cagayan de Oro will surely leave you wanting for more. The small island of Camiguin is believed to be formed through natural occurrences like earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. Since the old town of Catarman was submerged below sea level, Camiguin became popular for its remarkable church ruins and belltower. Aside from these, the island boasts of spectacular landscapes and fantastic water formations, making it a great destination for outdoor recreational activities and sports. Colonial settlements and centuries-old churches depict a rich historic past of Camiguin, a reminder that despite its small size, this destination has a wealth of surprises for everyone.
Baguio city is located in the Northern part of the country and is famously known for its cool weather. It is dubbed as the summer capital of the Philippines. Baguio features rich greeneries where fruit and vegetable harvests are bountiful. Both local and international travelers are captivated by its scenic attractions, warm people and authentic Filipino delicacies. Take a walk in the woods and enjoy the sites of the towering pine trees that have become among Baguio's main attractions. With its cool climate, one will enjoy outdoor activities like picking fresh strawberries in the small town of La Trinidad. Baguio is famous for its vast greeneries conducive for vegetation.
The Banaue Rice Terraces of the Philippines is a cultural landscape to adore. These were designed about 2,000 years ago by ancestors of indigenous Ifugaos. Stone-walled terraces were believed to be constructed by hand and primitive tools. It is a recognized UNESCO World Heritage Site. The terraces depict the culture and livelihood of the Ifugaos that have been passed on for centuries.
Located in Southwest part of Central Luzon is the province of Bataan, also known as the "Cradle of Heroes". Bataan's historical background and famous ancient attractions have brought its tourism industry into the limelight. Bataan has become the symbol of courage and democracy of the Filipino-American defenders who bravely stood against the Japanese forces.
From its century-old structures and man-made attractions to modern-day establishments, Batangas is definitely the destination for every traveler. The abundant greeneries, seas and lakes have become the heart of this province. A trip to Batangas offers a great holiday experience where everyone can enjoy the perfect blend of recreation and relaxation in a spectacular natural setting.
Explore the idyllic city of Dumaguete this affordable all-in-one tour.