Religious Tours

Holy Land Discovery with Jordan
Trace the roots of your faith on a journey to the Holy Land. Expound your understanding of Bible’s many highlights through the places where life and sacred history had unfolded. Set foot in the different religious sites like Nazareth, Bethlehem, Cana, the Mount of Beatitudes, the Sea of Galilee, river Jordan, and Jerusalem. This faith-based journey also includes a trip to Jordan with visits to Mount of Nebo, Bethany, Jerash, and Petra.
Marian Shrines of Fatima and Lourdes Tour
Highlighting two of the most renowned Marian Shrines in the world, this package combines spiritual and historical. Start your tour around Lisbon and Santarem and then make your way across multiple temples and places of holy renown within these three beautiful lands.
Journey Through the Holy Land
In this religious tour, see all of the beautiful sights within the Holy Land and look back into the deep history of Christianity. Explore churches, lakes, seas and so much more places that have value as both scenic spots and special, historic attractions. Many of these places hold significance to the stories in the Bible.
Footsteps of Apostle Paul
There's nothing more rewarding than rediscovering history and renewing your faith in one exciting journey. Begin your adventure in Athens, Greece and proceed to Thessalonika the heart of Apostle Paul's activities. Trace his journey by beginning in Amphipolis then on to Philippi where he first established church and wrote the Philippians epistle. Proceed to Kavala then to the Bema of Apostle Paul where he preached the gospel to the community and Kalambaka then on to Meteora for its fascinating monasteries like the Holy Monastery of Varlaam and the Holy Monastery of St. Stephen. Hop aboard and enjoy the scenic views around the Greek Isles and Turkey. While on a break from sea traveling, enjoy an excursion to Ephesus, Patmos' Monastery of St. John and Cave of the Apocalypse, and around Knossos. Visit Corinth and see the Excavations before continuing to Athens' Acropolis and Areopagus. A filling farewell dinner caps off your journey.